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The wonder of photography that can seize the beautiful moments in our life, tells a frame of mind, story and emotion which we can't express in words under a shutter. I love that!
As much as I love people, I love to photograph them as well. Your comments will definitely drive me forward for a better aspect. Just hit the 'Comment' button at the bottom of the post. Who knows I might thought of planting in this field for the time being.
You can make a difference!
Let's see how deep my camera can perform. I got to discover it. So, see you around! Enjoy reading my blog. Cheers.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

I will never get fatter than a stick.

Out of all the pictures, I ♥ this one the most.

Oh but obviously, that girl is NOT me.
Sometimes I'll wish someone could caught me in that kind of expression.
*hints* ;p

I didn't take any nice photos recently and in fact, I have no time to even touch my camera.
I guess it'd covered with 10inches of dusts at the corner of my room.
Of course I will have my reason because yours truly is earning money @ Sunway Pyramid everyday. I'm practically dying.

It feels frustrating because I just got a complete failure in my 'weight gaining' plan.
I stuffed myself with brownies and milk every single day hoping that I would at least gain 2more kg in the end of the day.
But guess what? I ended up in high fever because all the foods are too heaty -_-
Now, i get even thinner than ever.. *screams*

p/s: I'm dying for a gladiator heels!!! Anyone has any good recommendation on where to buy?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Engagement : Desmond + Wan Yeng

Procrastination it is! I want to thank to those who knows I did not update my blog but still faithfully pay their visit here. *hugs* Yours truly is currently on her holiday mood so she has been rather lazy yet she knows that how long it has been since her last write. I've got tons of drafts but none of them are completed :( I know i know, apologies isn't work so I'm right here to feed your blogs-hopping-sphere. :)

This is not some other post that I write for the sake of so called, 'updating' like the last 2 entries because I'll be posting up Wan Yeng and Desmond's shoot!! If you are a follower of my blog, you have probably read about this. As I promised in the post that the album will be up right here in December, there you go :)

She's Desmond's mum, aka, Wan Yeng's official's mum too, hehehe

This was right after their marriage certificate signing session! They looked so pleasant :D
Ops please excuse me for the flare and shakiness.

After that we were off to Pavilion for some simple shoot :) There was this funny little story before we start the shoot. Me and Nelson were so scared to press the shutter button 'cos in every corner of the street, there's at least one security guard. We were so KEEN and Nelson took his first step in the end. Bravo!! :)

This was so hard because the wind was blowing the other way! Anyway, this is the outcome.

The 'I ' that you saw was actually some insulator card by Dome for their drinks. Love their spontaneous way to use it as instant 'props'! :D

May this love birds last forever!

It's been a year since I last did a photo slide show. Feel like making one again for my Subzone Christmas Party! Till then! :D

Friday, November 27, 2009

Emerged, rising.

Keep growing, keep Rising!

The lighting was beyond awesomeness! The whole event was just incredibly unbelievable, (it always been!) can't wait for the next Emerge because it's gonna be in our new building! ;)

So many exciting highlights coming up
1. SPM is finishing
2. Timo is coming back
3. Christmas is on it's way! (reminds me of Christmas@Chang's)
4. 2010 is just right at the corner!!
5. I can't wait for my driving license!!!
6. I can't wait to work and earn more money, I can't wait for my 70-200..ahh. :(

Till then! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The day has come

Okay, don't ask me why am I still here.

This is a pre-post entry which I wrote on I-dunno-when. It is scheduled to be posted on 17th Nov 2009, 6pm.

SPM is tomorrow! Please keep all the SPM candidates in prayers :)

I hereby declare that, I will be away until the papers are over, which is on the 8th Dec.

So, by that time, I'm superduperultraextremlyprofoundlybbq, free :)

Meet me by then :D


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weddings : Bernard + Charmaine

All Right Reserved to Andy Chin Studio ©
The whole album will be dedicated to the personal use of Andy Chin Studio, Charmaine and Bernard.

Speaking of wedding photography, I have the privilege of following Andy Chin Studio for a wedding day shoot. I partnered with him together with his another friend, Andy Wong. Both Andys are incredible!! They not only capture awesome photos, they were nice enough to bare with me, take good care of me, fetch me, and talk to me ;p HAHA so mum & dad, don't worry.

Charmaine and Bernard are one fantastic couple. This was my first time meeting them. Before myself can immune faster than my brain, their faces were already pleasant to the eyes of my camera! Every photo of their photo captured appears to be beautiful. (not every-single one ofcourse) I still love this set the most!! :)

A splendid smile from Charmaine to mark the beginning of the day.

There is some familiar figure in that Make Up Artist, Sharon Wei. I mean the hair stylist (She does both). I think I've seen her before in Li-Hsia's wedding. Yes? No? I would appreciate you for telling me :D

I got jakun when I see this pretty little hair piece! I've never seen any bride wearing that in real life before. It's so so gorgeous!

My heart beamed. They look amazing! Especially the mum ;)

I can see that, he likes bitter gourd.

I stumbled upon the light source before I got any idea of what to snap.

A little refreshment treated by Andy Chin! Had a good chill there with the 50mm F1.4 while Andy was rushing off his slides.

Thanks for this yummylicious GreenTea Ice Blended!

This little princess is so lovable ;)) She knows how to wink!

This was just another fun-filled experience. My unceasing passion has just grown! ;)

I have so much to enhance and many space to improve. I think I just gave Andy a tough time for going through the photos. Take a step back, I could do better. :(

I certainly need to do more home works before I go for another shoot again (if there's any). A little preparation is a must, that is to bring along my charger! Not to mention that my camera died on me at the last stage. A battery grip would do when I upgrade my gear, I wish!!!

Ok, I'll come back in no time again to feed my soul in blogging.
SPM is less than a week! *GASP*

All Right Reserved to Andy Chin Studio ©
The whole album will be dedicated to the personal use of Andy Chin Studio, Charmaine and Bernard.


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