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The wonder of photography that can seize the beautiful moments in our life, tells a frame of mind, story and emotion which we can't express in words under a shutter. I love that!
As much as I love people, I love to photograph them as well. Your comments will definitely drive me forward for a better aspect. Just hit the 'Comment' button at the bottom of the post. Who knows I might thought of planting in this field for the time being.
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeding my soul!

You can always find a new way to camwhore! ;p

It's been some time since my last write and it's going be some time till I gonna write again. Have some mercy on me, I’ll have my SPM in less than 3 weeks. ;(

I’ve been really busy with all the incomplete designs. All of them were rushing me off as if I’m doing assignments. Perhaps I will get my blog updated as soon as possible. P/s: I wrote this pre-post entry when I’m out of internet connection. Just in case, if you wonder why I have the time to sit down and just, blog.

I will be superbly free after my SPM until I can even blog every-single-day. I could take photos until my shutter burst and you would have all the photos fresh from the oven after every 24 hours. Lol

Desmond and Wan Yeng are one joyful couple. Desmond is really a detailed guy, I can always see the way he tenders her is totally beyond what I can think. The little things she or he does could easily get each other delighted :)

We could practically see at least a security guard in every 5meters outside the Pavillion. We had this lightning-shoot in front of Louis Vuitton just before the security guards get any chance to piss us off. Shooting in the city was not as easy as I think. The weather was HOT! Sadder thing is there were no blue sky and beautiful clouds. HAIH KL. Why??!

Wan Yeng had this little scarf-like cloth on her shoulder which I can ‘play’ throughout the shoot! It makes the photo looks glamorous! I love it. ;)

By the way, I was just a speedlite holder but hey! Never look down at what it can do to the photo. Strobing can be breathe-taking! The effect of it had really made my day! Heh I shall just leave the rest of the job to Nelson the main shooter.

These photos are just teasers, the whole album will be up on Dec! lol.

On a total random note, I don’t usually listen to songs but I have a habit of playing the song over and over again once I find it worth listening to. Now the favourite song in my playlist is 失落沙洲 by 徐佳莹 (LaLa) .. She’s so talented and her voice is like.. awesome! Ever since she appeared in 星光大道, she’ve got quite a big vote from me. Haha ;)

At last, do keep me in your prayer and start counting down for SPM.
Till then peeps! Loves!


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