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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grooming and Toning Workshop

Spent too much time in church. -one of the complaints for Christians.

I need to label myself with that statement. (for today)

Anyway, it was Grooming & Toning Workshop! Not that impressive? because you wasn't there ;) the lucky draws were 'wuuhooo!'

I can sense an excitement drooling out!
There's 5 pieces of them which worth RM100 each.
don't misunderstood me, those are not mine.
It was for the slides.

Pastor and Esther(pastor's wife) would never failed to bring laughter to us. The work shop was really cool.. Both of them taught us how to dress ourselves up and wearing the correct clothing in the correct occasion . Great sense of fashion they have! *thumbs up!* I'm sure a lot of us will look superb next week ;) I can't find other churches are as cool as this.

Currently, pastor is working on a sermon series called the Christian Mind. A must to come!

There is it. Li-Hsia's birthday card is up.

This is my first time making a 3D card!

and I get pastor to sign the card.

Some of you might think, "What so happy about it? he's not signing for you and the card is not for you anyway." Of course, how many of you can get pastor to do this as he's busy all the time ;) Heehee it made my day.

That's my pastor. Announcing the last lucky draw worth RM1000!
Sorry for that big black spot..I'm simply too short and I was sitting on the steps.

The process of this RM1000 lucky draw being taken away was a bit unexpected. While all the crowds happily and expectantly listening to the next lucky draw number because no one seems to come forward to claim their prize, out of nowhere an African girl appeared and ran to the stage with the first number that pastor previously announced. Hmm..

I'm quite sad for you if yours is the next lucky number that pastor gonna say. But it's okay! There better reward waiting for you :D


harris June 28, 2009 at 11:12 PM  

Comments on your pictures! Just my two cents.

First picture, I'm guessing you wanted the words Rm100 to be in focus while the others are blurred, but watch your focus point properly.. notice the edge of the word voucher too is blurred.

Second picture, same aim as the first I'm guessing. Your focus point was on the letters birtHDAy. Try placing it on the 28.

Third picture, same thing I guess. Focus point placement!

Fourth picture, try to get the horizon straight. That's one of the photography rules, not meant to be followed all the time.. but most of the times it works better.

Patrick June 29, 2009 at 5:03 AM  

I still like the pictures. Keep it up. You might be a famous photographer one day =)

Adele Ng June 29, 2009 at 2:23 PM  

Hahah, thanks you two. Personally, I'm very encouraged. :)


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