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The wonder of photography that can seize the beautiful moments in our life, tells a frame of mind, story and emotion which we can't express in words under a shutter. I love that!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Subzone Big Day

Hey guys! I'm back for photos (what else?) but since I've uploaded some photos over at my facebook. Haha so it's okay to excuse myself for a later updates! ;P

I'm not feeling good these days due to the hazy weather and a slight sore throat and flu. I'm in a state of drowsiness as I'm writing these! I can choose to not to update with the reasons 'I'm so sick!' or 'I'm so busy studying!' but for you readers sake... muahaha! okay cut the crap. I know yah' waiting for pictures.

I was supposed to post this up earlier but I can't load the imageshack!! It explains the delay :'(

I was FOC-ly 'hired' by Lee Peng to take photos for the night. If you wondered what's my Subzone Big Day is all about, it's a day when the whole Subzone (E6, E11, E19 an E43) gathered as one to have a fellowship together. It's been a long time since we do this :)

I don't know where to start, how about the first photo I took for the night?

That's Boon.
It caught on my lense!

Sausages by Vi June. It's nice although it looked abit creasy = =

Fibiee, Joanna, Juyinn, Xiao Fern and Michelle.
The middle one's just had to pose!

The emcees! Boon and Careen

the focuced one-(from left) Chai Lee, Mee Ung and Fiona. Great to have them in our mist!
Vincent is not related.. haha

Explaining the SPUD game.

Run! Run! As if the storm is coming in their way! Look at Careen!
(I don't know is she gonna kill me for this ;p)

I wish I was one of them too. Is it that scary? ;)

Haha pity Tek Seong.
Mean side of Mimic revealed
*points fingers*

Spot Loveen! Can you see the ball?

the Vi June dance, they said.

Chronicles, doing what he does best.

Interviewing Chronicles.

the second game.
See how Adrian attracts people.

now Marc's turn.
He's the living gospel! I learnt a lot from him. Thanks for sharing :)

Love this shot!
It was Jeremy's Birthday, together with Tek Seong, John and Edward

The group pictures.
I like the wide-angle effect!

Here's a lil preview of what I'm gonna post next.

Hahah look at the 2 masterminds!

Off to the book! Enjoy :)



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