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The wonder of photography that can seize the beautiful moments in our life, tells a frame of mind, story and emotion which we can't express in words under a shutter. I love that!
As much as I love people, I love to photograph them as well. Your comments will definitely drive me forward for a better aspect. Just hit the 'Comment' button at the bottom of the post. Who knows I might thought of planting in this field for the time being.
You can make a difference!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Subzone Photobooth

Love scheduled post! The advantage of auto-update when I'm not around, haha ;)

Holla! Before I start off with the pictures, I would like you to spend a minute for doing the poll below so I could know more about you!

There it is. Easy sizzly pizzy?
(lol I certainly don't know what it means but it just came out of my mind)
I'll keep the answers private :)

We had this so called 'photobooth' infront of the orange wall which stirred me to have a nice shoot on it :D It radiated a nice colour :) me loveeee!

Snapped this while they were beautifully unready, was this pretty or what?

Upcoming self-declare production, kononnya
Jo as the bimbo who's crazily obsessed to mirror (which is my lense cap!!)
Xiao Fern as the karaoke freak
Me as .. I have no idea!! I just know I look boring.
Juyinn as the nerd/book worm/undying love for Bio or whatever it calls.

Vic, Ee Von and Luke. the super pose :)

Oooo, that's how Shu Yih looks like in his IC?


It is advisable to put on your obscenity-filtered glasses before you scroll it down


sorry, no stripping/free show

Hey don't be anti-homosexual
They truly love each other! :)

Don't look alike?

They're so alike till the walls turned yellow -_-

However, there's a difference!

Adrian's nose is bigger than Alfred
Adrian's mouth is bigger than Alfred
Adrian's head is bigger than Alfred
Adrian's body(not muscles) is bigger than Alfred
Adrian's tummy is bigger than Alfred
Adrian's eyes is bigger than Alfred
Adrian's hair is bigger than Alfred
So basically, Adrian is bigger than Alfred. Full stop.

okay my post is done!

p/s: Chronicles owes me McD for that photo! Wahahaha.



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