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Monday, August 3, 2009

CHC 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Hi readers! So so sorry for being ‘MIA’ for a period. Yours truly is currently out of internet connection! :(

A girl who know how to attach herself and just stick her eye ball at her laptop for 24/7 to a ‘no-internet-at-all’. Can you feel my horror? For not signing in my msn, my FACEBOOK (!!!!), my twitter, my blog, adding traffics to her daily-must read blogs and etcetera. I am getting more and more DESPERATE!!

If I am to think positively, it wouldn’t be a bad thing after all. At least I can concentrate more on my studies, my trials are coming! God’s timing is always right. This is the only way to make my study and to have and little time to update my blog in school at the same time, which is what I am doing now. Wi5, I love you!!

Okay, I think the preview is time to become a review. I will try my best to tell you everything about that night :D *Best memory blogger award is awaiting me!! Woohoo!*

On the 26th July, my church celebrated our 8th Anniversary with a very grand Gala Dinner with the attendance of more than 1000 people!

It was adventures indeed, first thing first. I reached home from my sister’s place at 4.55pm. John is coming at 5.50pm which means I only got less than an hour to prepare myself!! This is how I allocated every minutes of my time.

15 mins-bath
5 mins-my dress
5 mins-blow my hair
20 mins-my make up (my fake lashes doesn’t like me that time, keep falling..!)
10 mins-my hair (I have no time to curl my hair!! So, hair spray+glitter spray+clips+my hand=action!)

My camera equipments were everywhere! battery charging..memory card was attach to my laptop.. and John came! I don’t even have a time to take a glance at myself. Well I was not ready to go but I have to go.

We then delayed at Kah Chun’s house because Kah Chun and the rest still haven’t finished their business in front of their mirror. I was late for ministry!!

Everything went quite well for the first 5 minutes until my flash temporally unavailable/spoiled and Martin was holding on my gadget! If I was a gangster, this situation could make me go eff***. Whalao, it was damn embarrassing man! -.- But of course, I'm not that type of person.

Then I went emo with my flash at a corner. My poor camera got abandoned by me for quite a while until I decided to test it once more. My heart was shouting unto God and begging for mercy before I pressed on the open-flash button. Hallelujah! It went good after that.

Another thing I want to highlight is I almost lost my lense cap! That cap will cost me RM68 if I really lost it. But thank God I realized it before I’m out from Sunway Resort. Thanks to Wei Shen and Sung Lin for finding it with me. =)

Hahhaha am I the luckiest and unluckiest person on earth that night!?!?!! *winks*

Me and Lex, best hairstylist in church (phewwwitt)

Me with Pastor & Esther. We had to line up to take picture with them. Aren’t they celebrity or what? :)

Another celebrity, Daniel Lee!

Eggie and Ego. :P Match mou?

DASH with Pastor’s family.

Li-hsia and Vincent.

Hehee, I love Eitan! The photographer is awesome!! ..I don’t remember who. :(

Lack of time. More to come on my facebook. Note there, I have no idea when only I got the time to update my facebook.

I’ll end with a picture of Coffee (not the Nescafe/Starbucks/Coffeebean’s coffee) I mean Ah Wen’s dog, Kopi :D

Love it so much! :)



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