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Monday, June 22, 2009

My dad, My hero.

Whenever I have a wish, my dad will have a headache. -by myself

I'm already seventeen years old but I still behave like a small kid at home -_- I'll bug my mum to follow me to buy food. I mess the home up (esp my room) instead of cleaning it. I always tend to go somewhere else when my parents wants to scold me. I always hide the Astro remote control so that nobody changes my channel (my dad likes to do it when commercial's times). Despite all this, they still manja me a lot.

Haha. Above all that, do you know I have an elder brother? and an eldest sister?

"....I don't know...."

Yes, that's your answer. Well my sister is already married and my brother is working fulltime so it sounds like I'm still the only child at home. hahahhaa!

My dad is always my provider. Most of the time, daddys seem to be harder to show their love for their kids. Hence, the only way to tell them he loves them is to provide, protect and encourage :) My dad pampered me with whole lots of material's stuff. Sometimes, I think he spent too much on me that I'll easily get upset when I don't get the things I want. I complained the desktop too slow, I got my laptop. I want a comfy shoe, I got the Crocs. a running one? I got a Nike (someone stole it during Emerge -.-) and more! He's as generous as ever!

When I need last minutes transport, he will be the one who say, "Where is it? I fetch you."
Dad's always the one who bring us to eat good food too. Hahaha the only sad thing is my parents don't like to eat korean and japanese food. So I'll never get to eat them for free. :(
No matter how I convince them about how juicy and tasty are Japanese foods is, their reaction will be "Eh geli lah the raw fish(salmon)".
They would rather end up eating laksa in the pasar malam.

Thanks dad! You might not be the one who understands me the most but you're always the generous man in my eyes! One day I know and I got confidence that you will understand my position and whatever I'm doing for the school, church and soon, the market place.

God bless you daddy, Happy Father's Day!

(I'll post up my dad's pic next time k!)



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