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The wonder of photography that can seize the beautiful moments in our life, tells a frame of mind, story and emotion which we can't express in words under a shutter. I love that!
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have a long list.

Last Friday, Ju Yinn (sorry her name seems to be very happening here) shared a great testimony challenge during cell group, we din't share short, sweet, simple testimony but a long, very sweet and not so simple testimony . By the time we finished we went straight to announcements. No la kidding. hee.. She asked us not just share about how God has worked in our life but also give thanks to at least 2 person in the cell group. :)

The time could not allowed me to share the whole list there, so the only way is to blog about it.

Well, ever since I joined photography ministry (I think most of the ministry are going through the same thing, where they have to serve during the church service itself like ushers, worship team, choirs, console's, pastoring, photography, cafe and many more) I couldn't really focus throughout the service, especially when I attend only 1 service every week. No, I'm not complaining, I'm very much enjoying my ministry. This paragraph just my starting point. ;)

Hence, I want to thank God for cell group! There's no other place I can freely enjoy the God's presence :) This is the place where I can share my thoughts with everyone there supporting, listening and encouraging me. This is the place where I can find comfort and friends. This is the place where I can find forgiveness. Do you know the little things you do, I know it. I have to admit sometimes I felt very irritated at some of them, but when the time goes by, I grew more mature and even more in my prayer and spiritual life. At there, it made me realized how childish I was to be so hot-tempered and everything's bad you can describe me in. Basically, I'm very blessed.

I want to thank my cell leader, Li-hsia. I'm already in her cellgroup even before I came to CHC (actually just a week difference :P) She's very generous and she never failed to provide transport for us *all of us nods head says amen! Hahaha she can go all the way to Puchong and don't mind paying the toll and all just to pick the friends up for cell group. There was a period where I thought she was unfriendly and I always refused to turn to her whenever I got problems (uh-oh) hahaha that was I'm immature. I want to thank God for growth in our relationship. Now, I can always go to her for solutions. She's now happily married to Vincent, which means more problems could be solved about marriage when it's our turn.. hahaha!

Secondly, I want to thank my ah-mats (drivers).. hahaha they are the God-great-hired ahmats in our life.. hahahaha people like KahChun, Patrick, Boon, Adrian+Alfred (seasonally he said, he only drives me during autumn lol), Damian, Victor, Felicia, Lee Peng, soon to be John, Kenneth (he was!).. etc etc.. Sometimes they are generous enough to deal with my last minutes arrangement but still they din't refuse to fetch me.. they're the best!!

Next, I want to thank my 3 friends that I can just go crazy and be myself to them. None other than Joanna JuYinn (sry her name again) and XiaoFern.. hahaha not just in church, but in school, tuition(Jo&Ju), events and more.. but I can't get enough of them because we got too many topics to talk about. 4 persons with 4 different personalities. How amazing is God that can bring people together. They are the one who frequently asked me for cell group before I joined this church..=)

Now, I want to thank God for having a church like this. Not many churches are like that where I could experience more than I expected. If I'm not a member of the church, I won't be able to

-perform in Christmas @ Changs
-joined photography ministry (hahaha I don't see other church got an official ministry like us)
-joined a Community Care and reaching out to do His work outside the 4 walls of a church
-listening to interesting sermons (hahaha if you wonder how can a sermon be funny but relevant at the same time, come to my church ;D)
-know so many good friends
-be more fashionable
-speak a better English
-become who am I today!

Lastly, I also want to thank my ministry leader and members. They're cool people especially when they're in actions with all the not-very-cheap-gadgets. ;p Despite my age, they still treat me very good and tought me a lot of things. Soon, Andy will offering a photography lesson free for the members =) With a chun member like him, what do you expect? we're really bunch of grateful people.

Hahaha, cool? visit www.chc.org.my. Join us today!



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