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The wonder of photography that can seize the beautiful moments in our life, tells a frame of mind, story and emotion which we can't express in words under a shutter. I love that!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Chinesess, were you like that?

was at Li-Hsia's place before going to cellgroup.
Then we went to mamak after she get her things done in her new house.

She looks very dreamy, don't tell her I took her candid. hahahaha!

I was actually feeling super sleepy after supper then we (Joanna, Li-Hsia, Juyinn and I) were talking some nonsense in the car (actually just me and Juyinn, lol) but thanks to Juyinn, I'm able to blog now.

Yours truly, as a typical chinese student from Lick Hung with super short nerdy hair, fringe (practically everything is short including my height! I'm the shortest k) when I was back in form 1 do not know any culture about Malay school. So during the first assembly they got this malay prayers then the Malay student have to respond 'amin' (which means amen) .. I thought we were supposed to say along too. LOL then I just followed only lah in the sense that I REALLY DIN'T KNOW! So I was happily amin-ing back then -_-
I don't know if anyone heard it.. =P What you expect? I was very chinese.

I haven't finish yet..! someone was worse than me :P So this Ju Yinn had this kind of experience also, but hers got the 'holding up' and 'wipe face' pose. hahahaha her muslim friends thought she was one of them also, but whiter one, I guess.

Hehehehhee I know some of you were like that also..! Are you secretly laughing inside? :) feel free to share with me :D

HAHAHA I grabbed this from Juyinn's blog.
can see my hair somemore!



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