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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Event: Nikon Show

A new journey begins with a refreshed perspective for strobe lighting. I just attended a talk by Louis Pang during Nikon Show in Mid Valley. As a beginner+Malaysian who's looking forward for wedding photography, who doesn't know or want to meet with him, right?
This photography talk was FOC anyway, so why not :)

I don't know what was the schedule or plan and I was worried that I'd missed out his talk. I took a bus there by myself without thinking that how am I gonna go back by then. -.- When I reached, it was 2.50pm. I was released when I saw Louis Pang's talk would only conduct at 7.30pm.

While Kelvin Chan was having his talk about landscaping, I was roaming around to have my touch on every single camera, lol. Actually no la, I just checked out the binoculars and the TelePhoto Lenses. I think the hood is much cooler than L's. They are huge!

Anyway, it smells one kind -_- (I mean, everyone sticks their sweaty+oily face on the camera right....then... ) I'm pretty much amazed that a lot of people still doesn't care about the odour.

Brand new, no touchy. RM29,988.

After an aimlessly walk around the Nikon Show, I stopped by the Photo Gallery.
That is where I got this photo from ;D A story ahead,

While I was looking through Louis Pang's photographs at the Photo Gallery, he was just few steps away from me. He was checking out his phone and I don't know whether should I interrupt him or what. What if he's busy? I was doubted!! He saw me looking at his photos and I felt more pressured! omg! My sweats are coming out. My leg was like rooted on the ground, couldn't move. When he was right about to walk away, my soul brought my footsteps towards him and my mouth just spoke out by itself! When he responded, I almost got freeze there.

This feeling was definitely scarier than talking to my pastor for the first time. I din't know I was that weak! Haha guys, I know you all would feel that too when you met your idols! ;p

Some tips to share with you too, the title is Let There Be Light

Louis Pang in actions

Another incident,
These photos are in a sequence, there were volunteers for each tips to be Louis' models on stage. He like to use instant models between. I was such an honour to be volunteered by him ._.
He was walking around on the stage asking for female volunteers but every girls started to turn away from him. I was just sitting right on the second row. My bag, cameras, and things were all over my lap and I really, REALLY don't know he will call me up. I was also running away from his sight like what other girls did. When the moment! I had a SLIGHT eye contact with him.
He was like : "Adele! yes you, come up."

Somehow, I din't feel anything at all. I was blank. Probably my soul and fears already got blown away -_-

In the end of the day, my dear friends Nelson & Angel were there too. :) They were kind enough to fetch me back because I was planned to take KTM back at the hour of 9pm. I bet I was the luckiest person that day :D

By the way, I couldn't submit the contest photos via email [......@nikonoa.net] LOL WHY?!?! Or is this the correct mailing address? o.O


College's Life October 25, 2009 at 8:18 PM  

Ouh.. somebody's mouth starts watering.. wanna jump over to Nikon?
Watever it's either u r in Nikon or Canon, it doesn't matter, as long u have the creativity, i think it will end up something unique!

Everybody can and so does You!


Adele Ng October 26, 2009 at 10:40 AM  

@Nelson Hahaha! I dint consider Nikon yet ;p Yeap, agreed with you. :) Thanks!


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